Augmented Reality

Our configurators are developed so the configurations can also be shown in AR.

This gives you the possibility to configure for example a closet, tiles, a bathroom, a garden shed or a kitchen and display it in real life.

Augmented Reality works on most (recent) iOS and Android devices.

It’s also possible to show the configurations in VR.


Configure and show in a real environment

Increase the conversion of your sales by giving clients the possibility to place their product in their home, garden or living room.

Take away doubt for potential clients

Potential clients often doubt about the execution of your product. For example which color of tile they want. Through AR they can try it at home theirselves.

Web-based AR

Our AR viewer is 100% web based. This means the user doesn’t have to install a plugin or product to use the configurator..

AR is the future

All big players like Google, Meta, Apple and Microsoft invest big numbers in AR and VR. Make sure you’re on the train before AR breaks through.

Much higher conversions

We notice that the conversion of our clients increases a lot when they use AR.

Ideal to generate leads

Often we ask potential clients to fill in their email address to open the AR view on their smartphone. These are interesting leads to contact afterwards.

Use on smartphone

You don’t have to use special or expensive devices to use AR. The most (recent) iOS and Android devices support AR.

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