Dynamic configurations

Our configurators can generate fully dynamic constructions or products. Think about chalets, closets, swimming pools, industrial buildings, garage gates, windows…

First we analyze together with you in detail how the product or constructions is built, what the limits are and what the different configuration possibilities are. After that, we determine together with you the best steps of how to build the configurator.

The information and pricing can be imported from an ERP system, an Excel or a different data format.


Shorten the time period between an offer and a confirmation

You can deliver a faster offer to your potential client because they instantly get to see a result. You don’t have to wait any longer for technical drawings or calculations. This will lower your pre-sales costs.

Ideal for dealers

Are you a producer? You can provide the 3D configurator to sell your products. This will make the selling process of your dealers more simple causing an increase of products sold.


Our 3D configurator is 100% web based. This means the user doesn’t have to install a plugin or product to use the configurator.

Send to production

Once the customer has confirmed the offer, you can instantly pass along the details to production. This will make you save time again and delivers a better experience to the client.

2D drawing, Realtime 3D view

Simply draw a 2D plan and watch the configuration make the changes instantly in 3D.

Ideal for fairs or your showroom

Show the possibilities on sight to your potential customers and provide them an offer.

Integration with 3rd party systems

Our configurators can be integrated with 3rd party ERP and CRM systems. Contact us to get more information about the possibilities.

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