Scan materials and objects

For a realistic view of you products, it can be important to scan these materials and objects to convert them in a 3D view.

This can be good when you want to display tiles, fabrics or different types of wood in detail.

We use a special technique and software, which not only takes an image of the material, but also takes the relief and reflection of the materials in account. This lets you provide a realistic image of the products to your clients.

The cork and wood in the render next to this is build through scanned materials.


Realistic image of your products

Show your products like they really are. This helps people to imagine what the finsihed product will look like.

Capture complex materials

Do you work with complex and not-standard materials? You can display theme using our scan technique.

Capture complex objects

Do you have unique products, like handmaid jars that are not easy to recreate with a 3D drawing, then a 3D scan is the perfect solution.

Simple comparison

By using real materials, it’s easier for the client to compare the different options. Especially with an AR view it will be easier to make a decision for the client.

Nicer materials

Use real materials and not generic or bought texture packages

Convert your catalog into a 3D database

Digitalize your database of materials. This is not only handy for potential clients, but also for the internal operations of your organisation.

Scan materials in bulk

If you have a lot of materials, we can build a setup where we can scan a complete catalog of materials.

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