3D configurator construction and technical parts

It’s possible to compose technical parts through our configurators. This can come in handy when there are different combinations possible with different restrictions. For example part A can only be linked with part B. A configurator makes sure that only the right combinations can be made.

Furthermore, the 3D visualisation has the advantage to make it 100% clear what the ending product is. This makes sure there can be no confusion because of an unclear description.

The configurator can also be linked to an underlying ERP system.


Easily generate different configurations

Show your clients different configurations in realtime so they have a good image of the possibilities.

Make it easier to order

It’s not necessary anymore to search the right parts in a big catalog. Using a couple of questions/parameters you can automatically generate the right configuration.

Automatically send to production

Once the client has chosen his configuration, the part can immediately be ordered.

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