3D configurator Construction

We are specialised in creating configurators where every component is editable and where you can compose something freely. Since there are a lot of options in constructions, this most of the time is the only method to create a 3D configurator.

We can use an underlying database that can make price calculations in realtime. This can be linked to an underlying ERP system.

We often provide a module where you can automatically generate a PDF offer with the client information, a price calculation and a link to their personal 3D configuration and AR view.


Easily generate different configurations

Show your clients different configurations in realtime so they have a good image of the possibilities.

Calculate the price in realtime

Clients can immediately see the impact of their choices on the price. It’s easier for them to estimate what the total price of the project will be during the configuration.

Show in AR

Once the visitor has configured his closet, it can easily be shown in AR.

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